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National Center for Medical Home Implementation Overview Video

This video, developed by the National Center for Medical Home Implementation (NCMHI), describes the services and support available through the NCMHI and an overview of the medical home concept of care.


Fostering Partnership and Teamwork in the Pediatric Medical Home:
A "How To" Video Series New

Transforming a pediatric practice to the medical home model of care can be a complicated process. With the release of three new instructional videos, the National Center for Medical Home Implementation (NCMHI) aims to make that transformation easier and more understandable. These free videos show pediatric practices and their teams how to create efficiency through team huddles, how to build a stronger medical home through family advisory groups, and how to enhance collaboration with families through care partnership support. Each video describes the strategy, reviews the benefits, and provides guidance on implementation in a practice setting. All three videos are now available on the NCMHI YouTube channel.

Creating Efficiency: Team Huddles

Building a Stronger Pediatric Medical Home: Family Advisory Groups

Enhancing Collaboration with Families: Care Partnership Support

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Medical Home Interview Video Series

The NCMHI conducted interviews with thought leaders and medical home advocates in 2012 to capture their thoughts on medical home concept of care and how to implement it in practice. Framed around the six building blocks of the Building Your Medical Home toolkit, the interview videos are designed to provide an in depth view of the essential components that make up the medical home.

General Medical Home

Care Partnership Support

Care Delivery Management

Clinical Care Information & Organization

Practice Performance Measurement

Resources & Linkages

Payment & Finance

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Child Health Day Video—Every Child Deserves a Medical Home

To specially recognize Child Health Day 2009 with the focus Every Child Deserves a Medical Home, the NCMHI produced a video compilation, featuring children, families, and providers across the country who illustrate the value and importance of medical home for all children and youth.

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Additional Medical Home Media

Building a Medical Home Partnership:  A Wisconsin Toolkit
Each section of this toolkit includes several brief videos, where Medical Home Team members share their perspectives.


Definition of Patient-Centered Medical Homes
National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ)
This video aims to clarify what the concept of patient-centered medical really means. The video features NICHQ CEO and President, Charles J Homer, MD, MPH explaining what a medical home is and why people are excited about this concept of care.


Florida State Medical Home Public Service Announcement
The AAP Florida Chapter, in partnership with the Palm Beach Pediatric Society, has developed a public service announcement video about the importance of every child and youth having a medical home and the value in creating an ongoing relationship with a child’s primary care provider.


Frontline Innovators on Changing Care, Improving Health
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Health Care Innovations Exchange has released a video series featuring stories about the value of implementing innovations to improve patient-centered care. The featured innovations include a program that reduces school absences and unnecessary emergency department for inner city children using telemedicine, and an initiative to train members of predominantly African American churches to provide health screenings and education to improve the lives and health status of their fellow congregants. 


Medical Home Works!
Developed by: Kenn Saruwatari, MD, FAAP, Sharon Taba, MEd, Lynn B. Wilson, PhD
Presents three 15-min brief interactive videos and companion materials of specific medical home partnerships. The presentations were developed for interprofessional audiences including Hospital Grand Rounds, Continuing Medical Education AAP Conferences, co-facilitated with families, physicians and community agencies. They provide a framework for which you may build such a topical presentation for residents and child health care professionals. Families, Physicians and Community agencies can promote expanded understanding of the medical home and increasing implementation of medical homes for all children especially children with special health care needs. Medical Home Family Stories aim to increase the capacity in developing community-based partnerships. The videos are intended to spark discussion, learning and implementation of local-grown medical home strategies that work in your own communities

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the roles of medical home partners
  • Describe the skills needed for the parent as care coordinator
  • Analyze strategies for implementing comprehensive and continuous care
  • Determine access to relevant services for the child with special needs

Videos and Guides:


New Hampshire Patient-Centered Medical Homes
New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative
This video tells the story of patient-centered medical home (PCMH) from the perspectives of patients, clinicians, and other health care professionals. The Initiative, in partnership with groups from all parts of the New Hampshire health care system, launched the nine site pilot throughout the state.


Pennsylvania Medical Home Initiative - Video on Medical Home


Talking Health: Patient-Centered Medical Homes
Talking Health is a CUNY-TV series dedicated to health care issues and innovation and is supported by The Commonwealth Fund. The subject of the August 1, 2012 episode was the evolution of patient-centered medical homes as a cost-efficient team approach to health care. The episode discusses the successes of medical homes and features Melinda K Abrams, vice president of the Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program at The Commonwealth Fund and A. John Blair III, president of Taconic Independent Practice Association (TIPA), a 4,000-member physician group in the Hudson Valley of New York.


What is a Medical Home? (Audio)
AAP—A Minute for Kids
A medical home is where you and your child feel comfortable under your physician's care. Every child should have a medical home so they receive quality and consistent health care. By having your child's medical history readily available, it will be easier to make a diagnosis, should problems arise.

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