Building Your Care Notebook

A Family Care Notebook is an organizing tool used by families to help track and organize important information about a child’s care. Care Notebooks are very personal and should be customized to reflect your child's medical history and current information.

Below are downloadable forms that you can use to build your own Care Notebook. These tools can help you maintain an ongoing record of your child's:

  • Care
  • Services
  • Providers
  • Other notes

Your care notebook will help you understand and organize the providers and services that help care for your child and family.

Your Care Notebook Forms

You may download documents for each complete section's documents as a compressed ZIP file. All notebook forms are available as Word documents or PDF. By selecting specific documents, you will have the option to download the forms individually.

Care Notebook Cover Page  (Word)   (PDF)

Personal Information (ZIP)

Pages to Keep Track of Appointments and Care (ZIP)

Personal Notes (Download ZIP)

Care Needs of My Child-Abilities and Special Needs ( ZIP)

Community Health Care-Service Providers (ZIP)

School Issues ( ZIP)