Practice Performance Measurement

Practice performance measurement addresses the organization and promotion of safe and high quality care. This section provides tools and strategies to help evaluate physician performance and the patient/family perspective regarding the quality of their care.

Collecting data on performance, sharing these data with clinicians, staff, and families, and being transparent with patients and families helps drive medical home improvement.

There are additional Practice Performance Measurement resources in the Building Your Medical Home resource.

Why Focus on Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement is implict in the medical home model of care. The Institute of Medicine has identified six dimensions of quality care which include:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Equitable
  • Timely
  • Patient-centered
  • Safe

Quality can be viewed from both a clinical and operational perspective. For example:

  • Clinical quality improvement focuses on the scope of improvement of clinical outcomes.
  • Operational quality includes the business operational aspects of healthcare delivery in practices.
  • Other dimensions such as equitable care, patient access, and patient-centered care further expand the scope of quality.

One model for improvement that can be implemented, Plan Do Study Act (PDSA), is extensively utilized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. PDSA has been successfully applied in several inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings to improve clinical quality and patient outcomes.

Quality improvement results occur as a product of teamwork. Teamwork involves a set of skilled cross-disciplinary interactions that are learned, practiced, and refined to provide better care delivery management, promote safety, and enhance outcomes.

Learn more about teamwork and quality improvement in pediatric medical homes through the Building Your Medical Home resource.

Quality Improvement Resources:

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Measurement Tools

The following links provide information on tools and strategies to measure medical home and improvement activities:

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Promising Practices

For more information on promising practice in quality improvement and medical home implementation, visit the National Center for Medical Home Implementation State Pages.

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Medical Home Outcomes and Evidence, By Year

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